The Tricktips

This is what you came here for: the tricktips.

Over the last year or so, this has turned into a sizeable repository of guides for all manner of freestyle tricks. As a general rule, earlier tricks (i.e. ones further down the page) are easier than more recent ones, but please browse at will. Every page will give you recommendations on tricks you should already know how to do before you begin; ignore this advice at your peril.

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Swedish Nose Wheelie

The Swedish Nose Wheelie (and it’s original form, the Wrong Way) is one trick where form matters; let Aaron Watts show you how it’s done.


The Scarewalk is a grab trick that needs some springy legs and a good bit of jump height – if this goes wrong, you’ll know about it.

Rolling Switchblade

The rolling switchblade is a fun sequence that weirdly owes more to the regular shuvit than the standard switchblade.

Crossfoot Sidewinder

Guest skater Marius Constantin ties himself in knots with one of his signature tricks, the crossfoot sidewinder.

Backside G-Turn

The Backside G-Turn is oddly a lot harder than the regular frontside g-turn is. Luckily, we’re here to give you some pointers.


The slingblade is a little footwork sequence involving an interesting shift in momentum – making it very addictive to do.


The Sidewinder used to be a staple 50-50 trick. While most people jump straight to the carousel now, this is still a versatile combo staple!


The kickback is a true oddity in freestyle – a trick that doesn’t really relate to anything else. But that’s why it’s interesting!

Latte Flip

The Latte Flip is a weird one – basically a rail heelflip, it appeared in the early 2000s and has barely been seen since. Let’s change that.

360 Casper Disaster

Spinning a 360 Casper Disaster requires a bit of a change in technique compared to the basic casper disaster – it’s not as simple as “spin a bit more”!

Rail Toespin

The Rail Toespin is an often overlooked but classic rail trick; leave the railflips alone for a while and get spinning instead!

Hang Ten Spacewalk

The Hang Ten Spacewalk is far more difficult than it may look… so let us give you some tips to make it easier.

Crossfoot Impossible to Casper

Think the crossfoot impossible to casper looks cool? We agree – but only if you do it right. This guide should help.


The toeflip is a basic pressure flip variation which combines a backside shuvit and a toe-poked flip with the back foot, and should work on all boards.

Backwards Walk the Dog

The backwards walk the dog has some subtle nuances which will trip up even the most experienced freestyler, so let us walk you through it.

Casper to Casper

Get ready to destroy your shins. The casper to casper requires a deft touch and a bit of confidence, but it’s not too tough once you know what you’re doing.


The toespin is skateboarding’s equivalent to the pirouette. As long as you don’t rush it, this can be a solid part of your footwork routine.

Rail to No Handed 50-50

Scooping up from rail to no handed 50-50 is a bit harder than going from rail to casper, and requires some subtle movements.

360 Kickflip

This 360 kickflip is a mixture of the 180 kickflip and 360 shuvit, and requires speed to work well. Make sure you’re confident going fast before you try this.


The railwhip is a 360 shuvit from rail where you never lose contact with the board. This version is probably the easiest one to learn, so start here.

Irish Flip

The Irish flip is an impressive trick which is easier than it looks. You don’t need to be a pogo master for this – just have the no handed 50-50 down first.

Pressure Flip

The pressure flip is one of the most maligned tricks in all of skateboarding – but if you leave the 90s style behind, these can look (and feel) amazing.

360 Fingerflip (Backside)

The 360 fingerflip is one of the most iconic rolling freestyle tricks there is. Being able to do a 360 flip with your hand never stops being fun!

Turn In

The turn in is an often overlooked piece of footwork which fits into most scenarios; it flows just as well in rolling lines as it does in footwork routines.

Coconut Wheelie

The coconut wheelie is the modern, more versatile version of the primo slide. Grab some freestyle wheels and give it a go.

Crossfoot Butterflip to Casper

The crossfoot butterflip to casper is a trick which feels awkward but is actually simple to do. If you can already do caspers comfortably, give this a try.

Fakie Frontside M80 Kickflip

The Fakie Frontside M80 is widely considered a difficult trick. However, once you know the secret, it’s not that tough. (A hint: it’s all in the shoulders.)

Nose Casper to Casper

The casper to casper is a great trick, but difficult to learn. We recommend you start with the nose casper to casper by using this guide.

Backside 360 Shuvit

The backside 360 shuvit is the “standard” 360 shuvit in freestyle. This is the basis of a solid range of rolling tricks, so it’s definitely worth learning!


The jaywalk – a series of endovers in opposite directions, alternating between one and two feet – is a classic piece of Kevin Harris footwork.


The railwhipback is like a shuvit-rewind done in a heelside rail stand. It’s quick, snappy, and demands a combination of balance, board feel, and timing.

Frontside 360 Shuvit

Most freestylers think the frontside 360 shuvit is “the hard way” to do a 360 shuvit. With these tips and practice, you’ll be able to do them with no issue.

One Wheeled Hang Ten Nose Wheelie

Getting pretty good at nose wheelies? Learned the hang ten? Time to try the one wheeled hang ten, then. Let us help you with that.

Inward Fingerflip

The inward fingerflip is a backside varial fingerflip done with the front hand. It’s an unusual one, but pops well and is fun to do at speed. Give it a go!

Rolling No Handed 50-50

The rolling no handed 50-50 looks like magic and can be a difficult one to work out, feeling more like a kickflip than a casper trick.

Reintges Flip

The Reintges flip is probably one of the best rail flip variations. Flipping high and slow, it looks spectacular and feels satisfying to do.


The g-turn is a truly classic skateboarding move. It’s is one of the most fun, enjoyable tricks, and in my opinion, one of the most under-rated.

Hang Ten 360 Shuvit

It might be one of the more unusual 360 shuvit variations – but it’s also one of the easiest. Give the Hang Ten 360 Shuvit a go!


Get your head around a little piece of footwork called the Switchblade with this freestyle trick tip from guest skater Aaron Watts.

Crossfoot Casper

The crossfoot casper is one of the most awkward caspers there is – but this guide should help de-mystify one of the most unusual skateboarding tricks.

Frontside Casper

The frontside casper is an unusual but addictive little trick. You drag the board through the rotation, resulting in a feeling unlike any other casper.

Toeside Rail to No Handed 50-50

This is probably the easiest way of going from rail to truck without using your hands. If you can do a no handed 50-50 already, you can do this combo!

Half Cab Impossible

If you don’t know the secret to making it work, this Mullen classic can seem as difficult as the name suggests. Thankfully, we’re here to make it easy for you.


The Flamingo is one of those freestyle tricks which looks fairly simple until you try it. Hopefully these tips will make it easier to learn!

180 Fingerflip (Backside)

The 180 fingerflip – or “varial fingerflip” – is a fun trick. You don’t often see them done with the back hand but they’re a lot easier to do fast this way!

No Handed 50-50

The no handed 50-50 or “truckstand” is a classic trick, and an essential part of any freestyler’s repertoire. Duct tape your laces and give it a go!

Casper to Rail

Casper to rail is a classic combo in freestyle skateboarding. It requires a delicate touch and a specific foot placement – which you can learn here.

Nosehook Impossible

The impossible is having a bit of a comeback; this nosehook impossible, done stationary, is where it all started, and is still the best place to begin.

Toeside Rail to Casper

You don’t see people go from toeside rail to casper too often, but it’s a fun little combo – with some real advantages over the regular rail to casper.

Casper Bigspin

The casper bigspin used to be a go-to casper trick for freestylers everywhere. It’s often overlooked now, so give it a go with these tips and bring it back!

Toeside Rail

Toeside rail is one of the basic positions in freestyle; there are things we’re going to do from here, so it’s an important one to learn.

M80 Kickflip

The M80 kickflip could be described today as an “old school kickflip sex change revert”. Only it isn’t that. It’s an M80, and it feels fantastic to do.

Hang Ten Nose Wheelie

There are few things as classic or iconic in freestyle skateboarding as the hang ten nose wheelie. This is a great trick to learn, and feels fantastic to do.


Want to learn how to go from a railstand to a 50-50 or pogo? Let Moonshine team rider Nick Beaulieu show you how in this tricktip for the Butterflip.


The spacewalk isn’t just a way to make a manual or a wheelie last forever – it’s also a hell of a lot of fun, and a stylish way to flow between footwork. Give it a go.

Casper Disaster

A casper disaster flows quite naturally into all sorts of footwork and can be spun into much higher rotations – making it a very worthy trick on its own.

The Fingerflip

A rolling fingerflip looks simple but is very difficult to learn on your own. Luckily, this guide will show you how they work.

180 Kickflip

The 180 kickflip is an incredibly versatile trick. Once you get this one, there’s almost as many variations for it as there are with the normal kickflip.

Frontside Shuvit

A frontside shuvit off the nose is a beautiful and casual thing. Whether you want to do it in footwork or as a quick setup trick, learn it here.

Heelside Railflip

The heelside railflip is the most common of all the tricks out of rail, and with these instructions, you’ll be landing them in no time.

180 Shuvit

Shuvits in freestyle are a bit of a different beast to the way most other skaters would do them – and this little backside one is a perfect introduction to the freestyle technique.


The 50-50 is a standard go-to trick for freestylers everywhere so grab yourself a freestyle board and give it a go. Skidplates recommended!


Most people who jump on a skateboard try to wheelie before anything else, and for good reason: wheelies (and, by extension, manuals) are a lot of fun.

Rail to Casper

Going from heelside rail to casper is probably one of the most common transitional moves in freestyle – it’s important to get this one right.

Walk the Dog

The walk the dog is probably one of the oldest moves that’s still done in modern freestyle – and a true staple of any freestyle routine.


The casper is one of the most iconic tricks in freestyle – and often one of the most badly done. Let us help you do the casper properly!

The Kickflip

This is a kickflip tricktip with a difference: instead of the ollie kickflip, we’re going to look at the original trick that was called a kickflip. You don’t need to know how to ollie at all, and there’s a lot of fun variations to play with once you’ve learned it!

Tailstop Fingerflip

The tailstop fingerflip is a good first trick to learn as it gets you used to landing on a board without having to deal with rolling balance.


Endovers (and “monster walks”, by extension) are one of the cornerstones of freestyle, and incredibly important for so many reasons.

Heelside Rail

The heelside rail stand is one of the basic positions in freestyle. Learning this is crucial, no matter what aspect of freestyle you’re interested in.