News / Oct 2019

Freestyle Skateboarding for Beginners

This website has now been running for over a year. In that time, we’ve managed to build up a large collection of trick tips, ranging from the basics all the way through to more advanced pro-level tricks.

However, it’s pointless looking at the more complicated tricks if you’re just starting out, so we now have a page devoted to introducing new skateboarders to freestyle as efficiently as possible. If that sounds like you, check out our page on freestyle skateboarding for beginners; consider it a roadmap of sorts to teach you the most skills in the most efficient way possible.

News / Aug 2018

Captions enabled across the site

Considering how many people leave comments on the Youtube channel, I figured it was about time I enabled comments on the site. So if you’re having trouble with whatever trick you’re trying to learn, drop a comment at the bottom of the tip and get some personalised help!

News / Aug 2018

News just in: news now exists

Well, we’re now three months into this project, and we’ve built up a sizeable repository of trick tips. However, the rest of the site is looking relatively sparse, so this is the first step towards fleshing that out. Expect to see various site announcements in this space over the coming weeks – there’s some exciting developments on the way.

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