Welcome to Freestyle Tricktips

Freestyle skateboarding, once a relatively common sight in skateboarding, basically disappeared off the face of the earth at the start of the 1990s. Over the last twenty years, freestylers worldwide have started to build up networks, events, competitions and websites as a means of helping freestyle grow again.

However, resources for total newcomers to freestyle to learn how to get started have been sparse at best and tough to find at worst. This website, as small as it is right now, is an attempt to change that.

Over the coming months, new tricktips will be appearing on this website every week – covering everything from the most basic elements of freestyle to the more advanced manoeuvres as time goes on. Whether you’re a total newcomer to skateboarding in general or just looking at making the switch to freestyle after years of rolling around in streets and skateparks, our goal is to help introduce you to some of these unusual and oft-forgotten tricks.

So what are you waiting for? The latest tricktip is over to the right; grab a board and jump right in.

The Latest Tricktip

The Swedish Nose Wheelie (and it’s original form, the Wrong Way) is one trick where form matters; let Aaron Watts show you how it’s done.

Just Getting Started?

Deck choices

Your setup starts here; figure out what to look for in your first freestyle board with our in-depth analysis of deck design.

Freestyle 101

Freestyle tricks tend to build on top of each other, using previously learned movements to make more complex tricks later. This roadmap will give you all the skills you need to get started.


As you’re unlikely to find a freestyle setup in your local skate shop, we’ve gone to the effort of listing freestyle companies and shops which will sell you freestyle product. You’re welcome.


In the modern age, connecting with freestylers is easier than ever. Find all the web forums, Facebook groups, zines and podcasts you’ll ever need here.